Columbus - 3/12 - Double Happiness

A year has passed since i've been on the road. There's something about it that i really crave. It's a freshened perspective on music, on life. Happy to be touring with this crew:

Mic Write, aywhutup, Jaws That Bite, James Linck, Ricky Ruggero

First stop was Columbus at Double Happiness. We got into town, grabbed a drink and figured out the set. 

Now, in theory, this set was gonna run smoothly, but we'd never ran through it in full. We felt good. No looking back.

Sometimes it's difficult to find locals in a given area, especially if you're not hip to their scene. Our friend Red Pill linked us with the guys that run Matchbox Ltd., and they set us up w/ Solson The One and Sarob. James tweeted at him and it yielded something that altered the course of our tour:

We were thrown off by the rose emoji. A rose emoji? We didn't understand.
Sarob was one of the first guys we met at DH when the door's opened. What a positive dude. AND, as he went onstage for his closing set, he brought roses for people! Yo. That did it. From that point forward, The Rose Emoji was the mantra. Mantras arrive in a tour setting on their own, and ours arrived with the quickness.

This snap of James' embodied the show:

For me, a lot of this tour was to show the dynamism of Detroit's music scene. And, since this isn't say, a James Linck tour, or a Mic Write one, but rather a city, we decided on having the set sort of play as an hour-long medley of bangers. A handful of people said to us after, "So how long have you guys been doing this?"

This is the first time we ever did.

"No seriously?"

No, this is literally the first time.

Doors were coming off their hinges. Off to a good start.

We stayed with Jaws' cousin, and he lives across the street from a 24hr taco truck. Their hot sauce was the real goddamn deal. Nice way to end the first night.