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Emerging from the hip hop hotbed of Detroit, MISTER has been spent the last decade building a name for himself and his raps, thanks to a succession of solo releases, collaborations and live shows.

MISTER’s collaborations have long been a staple of his career, with plenty of notable unions along the way, including Passalacqua alongside Blaksmith, and more recently his work with UK producer, Curt Cataract.

The collaboration with Curt Cataract, although a more recent release, actually began its life before Passalacqua ever came to fruition. The idea started out as a series of friendly exchanges on MySpace, before morphing into a full-length project – Approaching Land – which featured a stellar list of features from both sides of the Atlantic, including Chris Orrick, MysDiggi and Hemlock Ernst.

Approaching Land was one of a number of releases that came about after MISTER turned his focus back to his solo material in 2016. Since that year he has released two compilations – Ketchup (2016) and Mustard (2018) - as well as being featured on Height Keech’s 2018 album, Computer Rocker.

Then there is also the weekly This Cold Rhymes Podcast, which he presents along with Height Keech, as well as shooting music videos in and around the Detroit area.

With all these strings to his bow and with his hunger for making music showing no sign of wavering, it is fair to say that MISTER is going to be a name that continues to ring bells across the scene for a long time to come. -Tim Fish